Egypt on the edge

Find out how Alex Meldrum, one of our Adventure Travel consultants found his first edge adventure, a trip to Egypt. 

Alex-CamelSeeing the pyramids and the sphinx has been at the top of my travel wish list for as long as I can remember, so many friends had been over the years and had all said what an amazing sight it is. I was due to travel there after the revolution and during the national elections and after seeing all the dramatic news reports of protests in tahier square I was concerned, would it be a safe time to visit?

Cairo was unlike any other city I had been to. The first thing that struck me was its sheer size, tower block after tower block going on for miles. I met my traveling companions at the hotel along with our guide and Egyptologist Oncy. I was traveling with a lovely group of people from all over the world; we all went out for dinner on our first night in Cairo to get to know each other, and were all equally excited about the week ahead.

My worries about whether it was a good time to go where put to rest the next day when we arrived at Giza, with the majority of the crowds not present we seemed to have the place to ourselves. The pyramids and the sphinx defiantly lived up to my expectations particularly when viewed from the top of a camel. Later that night we boarded the night train bound for Aswan.

Egypt-PyramidsBy far the most memorable experience was our day on a felucca, floating down the Nile, after a few busy days experiencing the ancient temples it was great to sit back, relax and take in the scenery. The views of the river with lush tree lined banks and desert and red mountains behind it made for some fantastic photos! Later we had dinner on our felucca at sunset, topping off the day nicely.

It was great that we had a bit of free time to explore at our own pace and do a bit of haggling in the markets; it was nice to explore and see the Egyptian way of life.

I was amazed by Egypt; there is so much to see and do! The food is great and it is excellent value too! So close to Europe but so different it really is the ultimate adventure destination.

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