Best of the USA Tour—San Fran to San Fran

44 days tour only visiting United States
It is possible to capture the complex, diverse flavour of a country and its 300-million-strong people in a single trip? Short answer: Yup. This epic sojourn across America from sea to shining sea (and back again) is, quite possibly, the most ambitious road trip you’ll ever take. Wide-open spaces, iconic monuments, sprawling national parks, quirky local slang, regional delicacies and the incredible cities you’ve always wanted to visit. It’s all here. Welcome to the US of A, where the ‘A’ stands for ‘Amazing’.

What's included

  • Hotels (9 nts), hostel (1 nt), participation camping (33 nts).
  • Air-conditioned private touring van, walking
  • Group Leader throughout.


[+] Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: San Francisco

Day 2 to 3: Yosemite NP (1B,1L,2D)

Day 4: Yosemite NP/Bishop (1B,1L,1D)

Day 5 to 6: Death Valley National Park/Las Vegas (1B,1L)

Day 7 to 8: Grand Canyon NP (1B,2L,2D)

Day 9: Monument Valley (1B,1L)

Day 10: Mesa Verde NP/Durango (1B,1L,1D)

Day 11: Santa Fe (1B,1L)

Day 12: Roswell/Carlsbad (1B,1D)

Day 13: San Antonio (1B,1L,1D)

Day 14: The Alamo/Houston (1B,1L,1D)

Day 15 to 16: New Orleans (1B)

Day 17: Memphis (1L)

Day 18: Memphis/Nashville (1B,1L,1D)

Day 19: Appalachia (1B,1L,1D)

Day 20: Shenandoah NP/Washington DC (1B,1L,1D)

Day 21: Washington DC (1B)

Day 22: New York City (1B,1L)

Day 23: New York/Newburgh (1D)

Day 24: Finger Lakes (1B,1L,1D)

Day 25: Niagara Falls (1B,1L,1D)

Day 26: Cleveland/Sandusky (1B,1L,1D)

Day 27 to 28: Chicago (1B)

Day 29: Winona (1D)

Day 30: Sioux Falls/Kennebec (1B,1L,1D)

Day 31: Badlands NP (1B,1L,1D)

Day 32 to 33: Custer (2B,2L,1D)

Day 34: Deadwood/Devil's Tower (1B,1D)

Day 35: Cody (1B,1L,1D)

Day 36 to 37: Yellowstone NP (2B,2L,2D)

Day 38: Grand Teton NP/Jackson (1B,1L)

Day 39: Salt Lake City (1B,1L,1D)

Day 40: Tonopah (1B)

Day 41 to 42: Yosemite NP (1B,2L,2D)

Day 43: San Francisco (1B)

Day 44: San Francisco

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