Chill-Out Culture-History Kayak-Canoe

Busy, busy, busy ... why is everyone always trying to make you DO something? Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing at all, and some places seem perfectly designed for ... well, nothing. Try "being" rather than "being busy", and you might even discover another side of where or even who you are. So hang your hammock, grab a pina colada and kick back.

For history hounds and culture vultures there's never a shortage of locations to indulge your curiosity and immerse yourself in the traditions of days gone by. Vibrant living cultures infused with the olden times offer a window into the past, and hold a mirror up to our own world.

Explore jungle-choked estuaries, navigate shallow man-made waterways or paddle from lake to lake and island to island - canoes and kayaks take you places nothing else can go. Human-powered and silent, a small boat lets you get up close and personal with nature. Come see the view from water level, at a speed you can take it all in at.

Overland       Trekking-Hiking Wildlife-Nature

Our overland truck adventures covering southern and eastern Africa provide the most affordable way to see the best that Africa can give with opportunities to journey to the most remote parks, villages and outposts of this great continent. You’ll camp under the stars as part of the adventure as well as assist with meal preparation and pitching your own tents. The trucks have good amounts of storage space, easy-access windows and on-board battery charging all designed with your comfort, safety and enjoyment in mind.

For the overland trips that feature Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater, we opt for the more agile 4x4 land Cruiser to undertake the safari’s as these are smaller and designed specifically for viewing big game up close.

As long as there have been mountains, people have felt compelled to climb them. Even if you aren't interested in crampons and first ascents, there's something particularly satisfying about hiking through the wild outdoors completely under your own leg power. So strap on some boots, get sweaty, and earn that view!

It's often said we don't truly appreciate something until we lose it. As the fragility of our natural world becomes more evident, we find ourselves increasingly drawn to places where we can reconnect with the earth, no longer just spectators, but a part of the planet. With little control over the experience, contact with untamed wildlife is a gift, a blessing, and a humbling reminder of how removed from nature our lives have become.